INFINITE makes a comeback with mini album + MV for "Destiny"

Inspirits, brace yourselves as INFINITE is back to fulfill their "Destiny" with their most impressive MV to date!

The MV was filmed around the city of Los Angeles and at Universal Studios in California. They have the honor of being the first K-pop group to obtain permission to film where huge blockbusters like 'Transformers', 'The Amazing Spiderman', and 'Inception' were filmed.

As for their mini album that has also dropped on the same day, it contains 4 songs, including "Destiny" (produced by duo Rphabet), "Inception", "Going To You", and "Mother". The preview of the songs released earlier had fans waiting on the edge of their seats, and now it's here along with the MV!

However, the video is marked "ver. B" in the title, so this indicates that there is perhaps a "ver. A" waiting for us, leaving us to look forward to even more from the boys.

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